• Popular Courses in Spain

    There are quite of few popular college courses in Spain. Whether you want to earn a bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree, there is an ample amount of  choices that […]

  • Postgraduate Studies in Spain

    There are more than 70 universities located throughout Spain. Of those 50 are public and the rest are private universities. Most of the universities are situated in Madrid and else […]

  • How to Apply at a University in Spain

    Applying for attendance at a university in Spain is the first step in making your dreams of attending school in this amazing country come true. All universities in the country […]

  • Why Study in Spain?

    Every year thousands of students from across the world make their way to Spain to attend one of the 76 universities located in the country. They come to the country […]

  • Spanish Education System

    In Spain, the education regulating body is “Ministry of Education”. In Spain it is  the “Law Of Education” that makes the regulations. According to this law, education in Spain is […]

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Studying in Spain

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Living in Spain

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